10 Trusted Genuine Websites to Earn Money Online

Earning Money Online from Websites is the thing that every one wants to do. At any instance of time many feel Financial crises and want to earn money online from Trusted Websites. But however due to lack of sufficient knowledge they fail to do so.

But don’t worry we have the list of top 10 Trusted Websites from where you may definitely earn handsome amount of money. This list will also help to generate Passive Income.




Blogger is a Trusted Google product that allows you to make blogs free of cost. To make Blogs/Website using Blogger is very easy you can make it in couple of minutes.

Once you have made your Blog using Blogger you may monetize it and earn lot of money through ads. You may also earn money through Affiliate Marketing by just doing some Marketing for your Blog.

Since it’s back-end is on Google, therefore the Blogs/Website make on Blogger is very fast. The Blogs made on Blogger is also very easily indexed on Google Search Engine and very helpful for SEO, SMO

To start with Blogger you necessarily need not to know coding and web development. Blogger also do’s many settings and customization automatically for your Blog. The Websites/Blogs made using Blogger has good security provided by Google with https, SSL certificate etc.



upwork is best websites earn money

Up-work‘s tagline is “where the world goes to work”. Upwork, formerly ElanceoDesk  is the biggest and most popular online marketplace platform for freelanceers that connects many freelance professionals with jobs from around the world.

This amazing websites to earn money is a great platform to find work, and for companies or individuals to find talented freelancers.

If you have any talent or skill through which you think you can earn money, then Upwork is definitely going to be heaven for you. It is marketplace to a variety of professionals like Graphic Design, Websites development, Android Development, IT Solutions, Software Development, Digital Marketing, many more.




Fiverr is a self employed marketplace platform for earning more and doing less. It gives you the capacity as a business visionary to complete all that you require without experiencing the migraine of contracting a full-time group.

Building a business implies enlisting the ideal individuals for the correct undertakings. For instance, you can utilize Fiverr For SEO to enable you to rank on google quick. Rather than endeavoring to Hire an Outsourcer: RFP, RFI, or Specialized Search Firm, you can contract value utilizing Fiverr Effectively and after that investigate distinctive Fiverr.com.

To start using Fiverr Follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up For An Account On Fiverr
  2. Set Up your Gig
  3. Do On-Page SEO Optimization to rank your gig high in the fiverr search
  4. Promote Your Gig using external sources




Shopify is an amazing trusted website to earn money. Since the last few years it has become the best platform to develop successful Entrepreneurs. It is an e-Commerce platform that allows you to build an online e-Commerce store very easily and with lot of features.

Using this apart from building e-Commerce store you can start Drop-shipping business successfully with collaboration of Aliexpress, Amazon etc.

  • Shopify is very popular and ease to use.
  • Basic technical knowledge is required to start with Shopify.
  • Shopify is hosted platform therefore you do not need to buy hosting, they provide you with hosting.
  • You get some very good Themes for Free to start with.

To build the online store, you’ll have 14 days free trial with Shopify. With no credit cards required. And after you have successfully build your store then you may opt for it’s basic plan of 29$. for 1 month.

Once you have build your store with Shopify you have to then advertise your store and your’s product through some series of successful Social Media Marketing or you may also work on SEO SMO to rank your store on Google Search Engine.




Ebay is an online e-Commerce shopping site that is best known for its sales and its customer to purchaser deals. If you’re looking to earn some extra money with websites as a new career, selling on eBay is definitely going to be best option for you.

On ebay you can earn lot of money by becoming part of the eBay seller community. To start earning money on ebay you may sell your own product(eg: handicrafts if you are good in that) or you may also sell other’s product using affiliate programs of giant e-Commerce Websites.

To start with ebay follow these given steps below:

Create a business Account on Ebay: Once you have created a business Account successfully on Ebay, You are now eligible to sell on ebay. You can also see all insights and information by clicking on My ebay.

Link your Bank Account or Paypal to receive Payment: You have to now link your business Bank Account Or Paypal Account to receive payment from Ebay.

Choose a niche and Start to sell: Its really important to choose a niche to have a brand impression on customer’s consciousness.

Make your brand unique and better:  Use good high quality and lot of pictures, Write eye-catching product descriptions, Give discounts.

Marketing: Promote your Ebay’s store or product using Social Media Marketing




Amazon is highly renowned Websites to earn money through it’s Affiliate Program. We all know that Amazon is an e-Commerce giant and with Amazon’s Affiliate program you can earn tons of money.

To start with Amazon’s Affiliate Program:

  • Register for Affiliate Account.
  • Choose niche to sell.
  • Get Affiliate Links.
  • Paste these links on your Blogs/Website and earn commission.
  • Promote your Affiliate Links through Social Media Marketing

Best way to effectively utilize Amazon’s Affiliate Program is to earn money through Blogs. It will be better if you make a Blog and paste your Affiliate Links there. This way is the perfect way to utilize Blog(you may monetize also your Blog) and Amazon’s Affiliate program.



You all must be aware that regular people are earning money from YouTube you can do too. Thus you can easily earn hundreds of dollars quickly,  if you have a strong content, realistic content and subscriber base. You can monetize videos and start earning revenue from those YouTube ads.

To start earning Follow these simple steps:



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