Complete Guide to earn Bat with Brave Browser

Brave Browser is a free and open source browser which was developed by Brave Software Inc. It uses chromium back-end technology and therefore it is very safe and secure browser.

This Browser is well renowned to block Ads and also don’t let website Trackers to spy on you. It gives best privacy with duckduckgo and Blockchain Technology.

Know more about Brave Browser, its features, security and privacy


Earn Basic Attention Token(BAT) with Brave Browser:


Brave works on a reward system which can be used by any website owner or YouTube creator to earn the BAT token. You can, later on, sell this BAT token for bitcoin or fiat money. In this tutorial, I’m sharing everything about how you can earn BAT token with your Web site, YouTube or Twitch channel.

Brave offers a publisher program which is available for any website owner, YouTube channel owner or Twitch channel owner. The process of getting started with Brave attention token publisher program is fast and easy.

The best part about this program is:

  • You have to setup for once and forget about it.
  • Automatically earn BAT token when qualified users will browse your site on the Brave browser.
  • One user can add multiple websites, Twitch channel and YouTube channel that you own.
  • This accumulated BAT token can be withdrawn to your Uphold account. Then you may withdraw real money from uphold Account by linking Bank Account or using Paypal service.

step 1: Create Account on publishers basic attention token

publishers basic attention token

  • Open publishers.basicattentiontoken and click on get started.
  • Join brave payments, Enter your email, Name and other credentials if asked and click on get started.
  • For better security you may choose two-factor authentication if you wish.
  • Then you will need to connet a wallet to store BAT. publishers basic attention token supports Uphold Account.


Step 2: Sign up to Uphold Account and connect publishers.basic.attention.token

uphold wallet to earn bat with brave browser
Link uphold wallet with brave publishers


Uphold is the internal wallet that Brave publishers supports. Therefore BAT tokens will get automatically stored in uphold wallet. And you will also withdraw your BAT tokens to real money by linking credit/debit cards from this wallet only.

  • Create Uphold Account by simply providing Name, Email, set Password and other credentials if asked.
  • verify your account by email.
  • Moreover There is second level of security that you will need to do.
  • You have to install an Authy app in your mobile, sign up, Now a verification code will come enter that code in uphold account and verify.


Step 3: Choose currency in Brave Publishers

  • Reload or sign in again in publishers.basic attention token.
  • Now you will see your Uphold Account is connected.
  • Click to choose currency and select BAT.


Step 4: Add Channel you own

For Website:

  • Hover over add channel and click to add website.
  • Enter your website domain and click on confirm.
  • If you are using wordpress then first clear cache and install brave payment verification plugin.
  • Copy and paste verification code in Brave Payment Verification and click on save changes.
  • Come back to publishers.basicattentiontoken and click on verify.
  • For those who are not using wordpress verify using DNS settings.

For Youtube Channel:

  • Hover over add channel and click to add Youtube channel.
  • Add Youtube Channel that you own.
  • Verify your Youtube channel.





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