What is Brave Browser, Brave blocks ads gives privacy with duckduckgo, blockchain, Earn BAT


Brave Browser ImageBrave Browser is a free and open source browser which was developed by Brave Software Inc. Brave has used technology of chromium and thus built upon chromium back-end.

It has been founded by one of the co-founder of Mozilla Browser and creator of Javascript Brendan Eich in January 2016 with the launch of first version of Brave with a partial ad blocking feature.

Newly Redesigned Brave Browser Based upon Chromium back-end Has 22% Faster Load Time than Exiting Brave Muon Version, on Average. Chromium back-end technology is also the same that Google chrome uses.

As per latest in 2018, Brave Browser supports Windows, macOS, LINUX, Android, iOS. Also enriched with Blockchain Technology and duckduckgo.


Brave Browser Ads blocker and website Trackers:

Ad Blocker Image

Brave lets you browse fiercelessly because of some amazing technology running in its background. In which it’s quality to block ads makes it remarkable.

Along with blocking Ads it also don’t let website Trackers to spy on you. It not only let you block the ads but replaces the scratched-out ads with advertisements from its own network.

The very amazing part of this website that makes it unique from other browsers is that it gives you privacy enabled with duckduckgo.

For security point of view it is one of the best browsers you have ever seen powered by Blockchain Technology.


Brave Browser uses Blockchain Technology and offers best Security:

Blockchain Security Image

The decentralized web is there being exploring. There is being a trail starting with decentralized applications built on the Ethereum blockchain, with the MetaMask extension that provides a bridge to explore and handle decentralized applications from a web browser.

Brave Browser seems to be more security efficient browser than any one ever and also it’s speed is very appreciable.

We all know that for security point of view Blockchain Technology is best. This browser also uses Ethereum Blockchain Technology for security purposes. And this is also the reason that google is also shifting all its security to Blockchain Technology.

Brave has now became the first desktop web browser to suggest for MetaMask upon visiting any Web3 site. MetaMask is an account manager for Web3 applications, and it allows users to run Ethereum Dapps in their browser without running a full Ethereum node.


Brave offers Pay-to-surf Business Model and let you earn Basic Attention Token(BAT):


Earn Bat with Brave Browser

The best part about using the Brave Browser is that you will be getting paid for using this Browser. Brave works on a reward system that can be used by any website owner or YouTube creator to earn the Basic Attention Token (BAT token). You may in future, sell this BAT token for bitcoin or real money.

The foundation of the Brave economy will be Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), which has the value derived from a cyber-currency. Those tokens will be awarded based on user attention, or more plainly, time spent viewing ads and content.

Brave seems to pay content publishers 55% of the replaced ad income. Brave Software, ad partners, and browser users would each be allocated 15% of the revenue.


How to download and access Brave Browser

You can download and Install Brave browser by clicking it from here.

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